Why Sexism Is Wierd

Do you not find it crazy that there are many, many women who still get paid less than men? Is it not surprising that men still believe that women should get charged something ridiculous like 5 cents more because we are somehow inherently better? Trust me. I do feel like being a guy is much better than being a girl, until I realize that if every person on the earth was a guy, then who would I marry? Where would I find that love that I yearn? I am not a homosexual and actually find it evil to engage in homosexual acts, similar to how people would consider theft and blasphemy to be crimes.

Women are amazing, and if I treat them as lesser than me, I may as well say that I would rather live in a world full of men, because that would be the best for everyone, correct? Of course not. All I need to do is thin k of my sister and realize that living with women is great. I do not want my sister to get paid less than me, even if it is by one cent, because my little sister is not lesser than me. If she was the older sister, she would take care of me, just like I take care of her. We were born under the same mother! Our mother carried us both for 8 months! Who could tell who is better by being in the womb?! The only person better that lived in the womb is Jesus! Other than Him, there is no reason to pretend like I am better or my little sister is not better. She is just as amazing as me, and she does not deserve to get paid less than me for any reason. If anything,  would not mind getting paid less than women, because I am involved with courtesy. I believe in treating my wife, little sister, mother, like a queen, because they go through much.

Think about it.: my mother carried me for 9 months! I was basically feeding off her energy and she took care of me! She dealt with my crying and everything. She must have gone through some personal sacrifices, and she truly, truly does love me and made sacrifices for me! Do I deserve to et paid more than her? Maybe, because children should do better than their parents. However, should my mother get paid less to a man who did not even raise his own children? Should my mother get paid less than a dead-beat dad? No?! Regardless of if the boy is 30 or 12, a person like that does not deserve yo get paid more than a quality, hard-working mother.

I just think the whole sexism issue is ridiculous. I do not know what is gained from paying women a little less. No person wants their mom to get paid less because they are women, because it is their mom. No person wants their sister to be treated like a prostitute, because they are a women or be cause they people who are being disrespectful have a problem wit pornography.  When it is relatives, people care about equality. When it is others, people do not care. For some reason, that reminds me of the second commandment that Jesus said, “ Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Also, the first commandment is “Love God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul” If you love God, you will follow His commandments, and that means loving Him with all your heart mind soul, which means following His commands, which means listening to His Son, when He gave command over the entire universe, which means honoring the second commandment. Therefore, you MUST treat women as equals, if you wish to follow that second commandment (I believe that is correct).