Welcome to Jet Fast Racing!

Jet Fast Really Fast

This is for all your jet fast racing fans who enjoy working with us to get to your dreams! We race past all the obstacles and make sure that we can offer you the tips that will allow you to slide past your competition so they will be forced to drift out of your way! We constantly like to see our members getting the highest marks and the bet driving scores when they rest against their competition!


We are sure that you will be doing so good that you will be able to beat your competition in your sleep! The minute you choose to race with us, you will get smoked. However, if you choose to race on our team, we will be able to smoke the competition and become better and better! We know what we can do when it comes to giving amazing race car drivers, and we are sure that we will be able to do so when we decide to race in Bakersfield, Dayton, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, and Wisconsin! We have big markets, and we are sure that we will be able to go hard and fast in order to give you the bet racing experiences possible! We value our customers and we are sure that you will truly value working with us when you choose to have an amazing race car experience! As far as we can tell, we believe in offering amazing and exciting quality to all of our racers and fans, so you can be sure to call us or contact us! Be sure to drive past your competition in the 18 wheeler, because we know we can do it! Be sure to drive past he obstacles, so you can finish first in style! Be sure to check out Jet Fast Racing when you choose to ride with us!