The Second Wave


Courtesy of DreamsTime

Time for the second wave. There are many people (like 5 people I know), who truly think that is so great to go to medical school and seize a fantastic job in a career like orthopaedics. Orthopaedics is a fantastic field and definitely requires some of the most intense curriculum adherence as possible in order to succeed in the field; however, is it the best way to become rich? It depends on your situation. If you truly feel as though orthopaedics is the path you want to take to become wealthy (if you even want to become wealthy), then by all means, go for it. There is no right or wrong answers when it comes to giving options. However, there are right and wrong options for your situation. If your goal is to make a nice passive income that does not require you working for 10 hours a day as a physician, then becoming an orthopaedic surgeon is not for you. If you have a huge desire to become an orthopaedic surgeon, then by all means, do it because it will not be work for you. You will be tap-dancing out of bed (as Tai Lopez says) and will be living the dream.

However, if you truly just want to make a lot of money and decide to stay in orthopaedics for the finances, then by all means, you have just failed. You are basically a mercenary (as Grant Cardone says) selling a product that you do not believe in. You are selling yourself on a career that you do not believe in, and it will come by to hurt you. When you realize how you spend five years of your life slaving away at a career you did not even want, I guarantee you will not say “It was so worth it for the $400,000/yr”. You will say I am miserable and have a lot of money. Most likely, you will drink up your money or give it to your kids, who will take it for granted, which is how I was because my mother is a doctor. I lived my whole life with luxuries, so I took it for granted. The same thing will happen to your kids if you let them get to that point. It is up to you to learn what it takes to really give yourself the happiness you want. The last thing you want to do is spend your time hurting your soul by being a mercenary for something you do not want to do. What will be gained? You lose five years of your life and end up realizing having much money was a terrible eye-dea (see what I did there?). You could use that money to invest in real estate and then purchase yourself out of job dependence. I would consider that a wise option to get out of the rat race (as Robert Kiyosaki says), because getting out of the rat race will only give you options. It will take your time; however, it will allow you to keep working In orthopaedics if you want to, or quit and spend your time how you want to. At the end of it all, I truly value time, because it is a blessing. Spending time doing something I despise is a bad use of what God is giving me now, as I type. I enjoy doing this; grinding my life away at something that guarantees me a good income is not the life goal.


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