Motivated by Dreams and Failures

Pretty Self-Explanatory

I said that in the last post, there would be three people who would be either motivated by dreams, failures, and would not be motivated at all. I actually did not say that there would be three people in the previous post anyways. On top of that, this is actually a PAGE, not a POST. Regardless, this is how the blog does it, so it will stay this way. Now, the reason why this title means so much to me is because it is actually one of the things I feel are true, even to this day. As far as I can tell, most people really are motivated by one of two things: dreams and failures (and are not motivated at all). If I were to pick one of the two, I would say that most people are definitely motivated by fear.

Most people are motivated by fear in their lives and goals. Now, why would I say that? There are many people who want to be rich, famous, and liked by many people. Now, think of your favorite celebrity, whether it be a Kanye West, Kim K, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg. Who would not desire to be in a situation similar to each of those people, or at least one of these people? Now, if you are like most people, you will probably self-persuade yourself that you are completely fine the way you are, even though you are lying to yourself. What you are actually doing is lying to yourself and killing your dreams. Chances are that if you do not do anything, you will be most likely left with something that is not what you want in the end.

Now, what makes people long for their favorite people in the world and still settle in a situation, that for all other purposes, is terrible? Most people will probably say something like fear, laziness, and a whole host of problems. I go with the concept of fear. Most people are pushed more by fear than they are by desire, dreams, and personal fulfillment. For example, currently I am more pushed by my fear of Hell than the love of God to become a better person. Now, many may think they love God so much and would go and step outside of a boat in a storm in order to show they love Him. Now, I will not lie; I am definitely the type of person, that seeing the things Jesus did, would most likely step outside on that boat. I would be one frightened person, and would definitely, definitely, definitely hesitate to start; I would even know how to swim beforehand, in case things did not work out. Now, the whole point of this is that “do I really support God the way that I think I do?” Would I really step out on a boat in the middle of the storm because I trust him with all mys soul and passion, or a I more of the person taht does not want to go to Hell? Personally, I feel as though that currently right now, I am motivated by Fear of Hell moreso than the love of God to become better, and that is a frightening feeling to have by far, because I will not grow as much as I want to.