Winning in 7 Guardians


My Superheros

So recently, I was playing a game on my iPhone. It is called 7 guardians. The game is really fun, because I am able to play as my favorite superheros, such as archers and knights and fight loads of evil-doers.

If anything, they probably got sent to Orange County.

Because I spend so much of my time learning from the game about how to play with soldiers, demons, and dragons, I am able to acquire the skills to level up my archers from level 1 to level 4 and make them much, much stronger, because my archers need to rank up and level up. This is how I am able to grow my characters to a level that can beat the enemy and allow me to progress towards the end of the game. I do not mind playing other games, as long as I can have the fun and enjoyment that I want. When I play 7 Guardians, I am immersed in a new fantasy world where I can play as a level 3 beast and crawl to the other side of the map and wreak havoc on enemy troops. It makes the game much more fun, and it allows me to truly enjoy myself. Therefore, I prefer to truly work and learn what it takes to be like the masters and grow in the game.


There are many people who beat me in this game and have done phenomenal things, such as get most of their heroes to level 5, which is one of the highest levels in the game. Most of my team is level 4, with my second team being consistent of a lot of level 3’s. However, my goal is to currently get to level 5 for my archer, so that two of my most critical players on the team can get leveled up. It is undeniable that if my defender is weak, my team loses. My team needs the amazing defender, which is why I must have him be level 5 first. The second gut I choose to rank up to level 5 is my archer, because he is guaranteed to handle any type of troop without dying. Whenever I decide to spend my manna points on my speed guy, he gets killed by many creatures because his range is not so far. However, when I decide to strengthen my archer, he may not be as quick; however, he will last much longer than any other attack hero that has range, such as my mage.

In contrast, if my speed person may have been an ice guy, maybe I could have made him a very good range; however, I like the speed guy I have now and I do not mind using him. However, when I do receive the ice speed guy, I will keep him, because I have seen many good things with the guy, and he has killed my speed guy many times, just as my speed guy killed the ice speed guy after dodging the samurai ice shards. In addition to that, my archer is also very good, especially since he is able to shoot toxic arrows. Even though I see many great archers that people like, such as ice archers and archer that can shoot five arrows at once, I like my poison archer, because of the ability to literally poison enemies to oblivion.


Like I said, if anything, they probably got sent to Orange County.


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