The Second Wave

  Time for the second wave. There are many people (like 5 people I know), who truly think that is so great to go to medical school and seize a fantastic job in a career like orthopaedics. Orthopaedics is a fantastic field and definitely requires some of the most intense curriculum adherence as possible in […]

Winning in 7 Guardians

  So recently, I was playing a game on my iPhone. It is called 7 guardians. The game is really fun, because I am able to play as my favorite superheros, such as archers and knights and fight loads of evil-doers. If anything, they probably got sent to Orange County. Because I spend so much […]

Why Sexism Is Wierd

Do you not find it crazy that there are many, many women who still get paid less than men? Is it not surprising that men still believe that women should get charged something ridiculous like 5 cents more because we are somehow inherently better? Trust me. I do feel like being a guy is much […]

Growing In Speed

Growing in speed takes time. If it takes time, it will cause others to wane off. The last thing that comes to people’s mind is succeeding. The minute you add time to the equation, people really start complaining, because they do not want to take the three years necessary to be good enough to sell. […]

The Time

We have the time to give you what will make you sublime. We got the limes that will make you wish you took your anti-sour medication all the time. We got the shine on your new wine after you win that race, that you will have your heart going double-time! The minute you talk to […]

Welcome to Jet Fast Racing!

This is for all your jet fast racing fans who enjoy working with us to get to your dreams! We race past all the obstacles and make sure that we can offer you the tips that will allow you to slide past your competition so they will be forced to drift out of your way! […]